How to Fix Drywall Patch Marks Showing through Paint

How to Fix Drywall Patch Marks Showing through Paint

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Soon after patching your drywall ceiling, you may realize that marks are showing even after adding layers of paint. They usually appear as though the initial paint color is different from the patch area even if there is an exact color match. These marks make the ceiling appear inconsistent, and the house is not appealing.

However, you can remove the patch marks and regain the initial uniformity. Unlike patching, fixing patch marks is much easier and less time-consuming. Are patch marks giving you constant headaches? Here are steps you can follow to get rid of drywall patch marks that show through the paint. 

Why Patch Marks Show through Paint

Patch marks may appear if you do not scrape the joint compound before painting the section. Additionally, if the paint is not the exact shade as the original paint, marks may show. To ensure you buy the same paint color, you can go with the leftover tin to the store while purchasing.

Another possibility could be, you used a low-quality primer before applying the finish coat. In normal circumstances, the patch should not be visible under the primer.

Fixing Patch Marks

If you did not scrape the joint compound, you would need to apply another layer and then sand it to ensure it is smooth. Remove all the extra particles for a perfect finish to prevent patch marks from showing.

In case that you did not use a quality primer or did not use any primer at all, you will need to redo the process and use a more quality primer. Most of the time, if you repaint the patch area alone, the patch marks may keep showing. Therefore you will need to repaint the entire wall to achieve absolute uniformity.  Make sure you apply an undercoat or primer, then paint the wall.

Do you Need Professional Assistance?

Patch marks may be extremely irritating if you do not have enough patience. However, you do not have to go through the trouble of fixing the problem on your own. Get your wall restored with a consistent painting from Golden State Drywall Repair Pros. We are the leading and best home maintenance and repair company in Oakland, CA. Our experts do all the heavy work and let you enjoy a beautiful space in no time. Call us for fantastic repair deals at an affordable price.

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