How To Fix Drywall Holes With No Studs

How To Fix Drywall Holes With No Studs

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Studs are usually placed as a  frame behind drywall to provide support. Most builders ensure that they use studs during construction. However, in the case that you find out there are no studs, it could be possible that the constructors screwed the drywall directly.

How do you fix drywall holes with no studs? Do not worry if your wall has no studs. The holes are repairable, just like any other drywall. Follow these steps to get rid of the gaps.

Fixing  a Hole on Drywall

Materials and tools required: mesh tape/drywall/plywood, measuring tape, utility knife, adhesive joint compound,  primer, and paint.

  1. Find a small piece of drywall to fit in the hole. Then cut into the right shape.
  2. Place the drywall piece on the hole and glue it onto the larger drywall to cover the hole completely. You can also use screws to secure the patching of drywall.
  3. Alternatively, you can use a metal mesh tape to cover the hole. Cut the tape into the desired size, then place it over the hole.
  4. Tape and use a drywall compound to fill in the piece. When the substance dries, scrape and apply additional compound until you achieve the desired look.
  5. Once the drywall dries, apply a primer or undercoat, then finish with paint. Ensure you buy the same paint as the one used in the other ceiling part so that it matches.

Why Opt for Professional Help?

Fixing a wall with no studs is somewhat more complicated and could be hard to achieve the best results. At times the patch may not be secure enough and may need the hand of a professional contractor.

Most home maintenance and repair procedures turn out perfect only when skilled individuals perform the work. In Oakland, CA, Golden State Drywall Repair Pros is the to-go service provider for all sorts of drywall repairs.

At Golden State, you get to experience excellent services from the well skilled and experienced team. The contractors have dealt with all sorts of drywall issues over time and know what they should do if there are no studs on the drywall. So don’t go through the whole troubles alone because the fixing may be tedious and take up most of your time. And importantly, you will need a permanent solution and not fixes that need additional repairs after a short while. Get in touch with the nearest drywall repairers and get professional assistance.

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