Buying Drywall In Oakland

Drywall sheets create beautiful interior walls and ceilings. If you consider this addition to your home, you will soon look for some in the market. If you don’t know what exactly to look for, you can easily get confused with the different types and sizes you will see. This article is a guide for buying drywall in Oakland. It will help you have an easier experience out in the market and make the right choice. Read to the end to get the tips.

Drywall vs. plasterboard

While these two are used interchangeably, they are different.

Drywalls, also called sheetrock, gypsum boards, or wallboard, are used for interior construction purposes, specifically for walls and ceiling installations. Drywall is made of a hardened gypsum core and thick paper at the front, back and edges. Some drywalls also have fire resistance ability and soundproof.

PLasterboards, although looking alike, are specifically designed to be a base for plaster surfaces. Its feature is made to accept plaster finish coats. They provide better soundproofing features and reduce breaking. However, drywalls are preferred since they can easily be installed and repaired. They are also more affordable than plasterboards.

Different Drywall thickness

Drywalls are available in different thicknesses, which determines how and where you can use them.

● ⅝” is the heaviest and most soundproof of all. It is also equipped with fire resistance features and is often used in garage walls, residential ceilings, and commercial rooms where fire outbreak control is key.

● ½” is the most popular for new constructions and remodeling. Most homeowners use it in their walls and ceilings.

● ⅜” is easily ben. Therefore, it’s often used on curved surfaces and covering walls.

● ¼” is mostly used to make curved drywall that is mostly used on archways. They are also used to cover the existing walls.

Drywall Types

When you go shopping for drywall, you may see these types that are commonly sold. Understanding their use and where they are appropriate will help you make the right choice.

Mold and moisture resistant drywall

Mold and moisture-resistant drywalls are paper-faced and have a special coating that prevents moisture and mold growth.

If you have a humid environment, this type of drywall is the best for your needs. It is mostly installed in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Fire resistant

Also known as Type X has glass fiber and other materials that help prevent fire spread in case of a fire outbreak. This type of drywall ensures fire longer than other types. It is mostly installed in garages and near furnaces.


Standard drywall does not have any specific feature. It is mostly installed in living rooms and bedrooms.


They are used similarly to the standard drywalls but are light and easy to hang.

Basement board

Basement board drywalls are usually used in basements. It’s less expensive but also not as effective in controlling mold and moisture growth.

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