Common Drywall Problems

Have you been noticing marks and holes on your drywall? Wondering how they got there in the first place? There are several ways drywall can get damaged. Luckily, most of the drywall problems are minor and can easily be fixed. Before you move your furniture around the room, you should be aware of some common drywall problems and how you can fix them when they occur.

In most cases, you do not need to worry about the problems since they require less effort and little skills to repair them. Here are some common drywall problems that you may encounter with your drywall and how to fix them.

Popping Nails

In most cases, if the nails are not set correctly in the joist or stud, they will pop through the drywall after some time. Don’t get a hammer and start hammering it back. You will just cause more damage to your drywall.

To repair this problem, simply remove the nail, find the stud, and properly nail it through.

Furniture marks and scuffs

When you keep your furniture very close or in contact with the drywall, they tend to leave some marks on it. They often appear as pencil marks and seem to be minor problems when you move into a new house.

However, you can easily remove the scuffs and marks by cleaning with a wet piece of cloth or sponge.

Avoid placing your furniture in contact with the drywall, and move furniture carefully around the house to avoid future happenings.


Small holes can result from swinging doors that bang on the drywall, causing these holes to appear on the drywall. You can avoid this situation by installing a backing plate on your wall so that the door can bang against them and not the drywall. When installing a backing plate on the wall, ensure it is aligned with the doorknob.

Use joint compound and drywall tape to cover the holes and sand after cleaning. You can then paint the repaired part using the same color as the rest of your drywall.

Bigger holes can also be caused by factors like moving electric sockets, the ball crashing on the drywall or other accidents that may leave larger holes. If the hole was caused by accident, you could try to be more careful to avoid such future incidents.

Repairing larger holes on drywall is also easy. Just cut off the entire damaged part and patch the hole with new drywall. Clean the edges with a joint compound, let them dry and sand off the area. Paint afterward if you have to.

Water damage

If your drywall is affected by water, you need to find the water source, either from leakage due to the plumbing system. Some water damages on drywalls are caused by flooding. Waver the case is, you need first to solve the issue and ensure no more water is getting to your drywall.

In water damage cases on drywall, you will need to remove the affected part and replace them with a new one. Wet drywall can cause foundation and health problems in your home.

Always replace such drywalls in your home and ensure the cause of the problem is also solved.

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Common Drywall Problems