Different Types Of Drywall Damage and how to Repair

In this article, you will read about the different types of drywall repairs contractors do to repair damaged drywall. The most appropriate method to repair damaged drywall depends on the type of damage. Drywall damages can be any of the following:

● Furniture scuffs and marks

● Holes

● Moisture

● Nail pops

● Tile removal damage

● Termites

● Cracks

Repairing furniture scuffs and marks

When the furniture is placed too close to the walls, it can cause scuffs and marks on your drywall when it is moved.

These marks are never appealing to anyone. Luckily, there are methods to remove them easily.

Most of the time, cleaning the scuffs and marks using a clean sponge is enough to remove them. If they get hard to be removed, painting or applying wallpaper to the area will solve the situation.

Always avoid keeping your furniture too close to the drywall, and be careful when moving them.

Repairing drywall holes

There are so many reasons you may have a hole in your drywall. For instance, when electricians move an electric socket from one place to another in your drywall, you will be left with a hole that should be repaired. Door handles also cause holes in drywalls. When a door is opened by too much force, it bangs on the wall, causing a dent or a hole on the drywall.

While it looks simple and easy to avoid this by opening the door slowly and carefully, many families still suffer this problem. It happens even more when you

have kids around that are naturally forgetful and playful during their young age. Therefore, the best way to prevent dents and holes is to install a backplate on the drywall to cover the space where the door would meet the wall.

In case of other holes caused by moving sockets, you may consider drywall patching to solve the issue.


If you have a leaking roof, or your plumbing system is damaged, you will start to see discoloration on your drywall. The discoloration is a result of having water damage on your drywall. At the first discovery of a water leak on your drywall, you should move fast and stop the leakage before it affects a greater area.

In case the water damage is caused by flooding, you should call drywall repair experts as soon as possible to come to fix the issue. The longer the water says, the more the damage.

In most cases, when drywall is damaged by water, it is recommended that you replace the whole drywall.

Repairing cracks

Never ignore a crack on your drywall. They can spread to other areas and damage a large part of your drywall. Drywall cracks are caused by various factors, including foundation problems in your home. If you notice a crack on your drywall, find the cause first before fixing the crack with a joint compound.

Repairing nail pops

Nail pops are one of the most common drywall damages that you may also experience. These holes are annoying to homeowners. But luckily, with the right expert service, you can easily fix them.

But if you opt to do it yourself, it can also be easier:

● Fill the holes with a premixed drywall compound and let them dry

● Paint over the repaired spots to blend them with the rest of the wall.

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Drywall Damage and how to Repair