How To Create A Curved Drywall Design

Drywall bending is a technique used to create curved archways or walls. While drywalls are most preferred to cover perfectly flat surfaces, these tips can help you create a curved drywall design to use for your needs. All you need are the right tools, materials, and just follow our step-by-step guide. We recommend that you do your practice on a leftover drywall piece before you curve a large piece of drywall that you may need to use.

The easiest way to make a curved drywall design is to place them on a flat concrete surface and wet them using a roller or sprayer. If it still can’t bend, you can use a sponge to wet them. Be careful not to get them too much since this may damage your drywall. So ensure you do the wetting gradually on the inside part of the curve.

However, the radius of the drywall may be so tight that it can start to crack. If this is the case, you still have some alternatives to curve your drywall sheet.

Bending drywall by scoring one face of the sheet

You will need the following tools:

● T-Square

● Tape measure

● Pencil

● Utility knife

● roller

First, you need to measure the needed drywall and cut it using a T-square and a utility knife.

Fold the sheet along the cut to snap it, cut another paper layer using a utility knife, and check if it fits.

If you have a tight radius, you have to score the drywall sheet every one or two inches using a utility knife.

To do this, lay the drywall sheet on the floor and use a straightedge to make parallel lines from top to bottom.

Remember you are scoring the inside of the sheet. Otherwise, you will find it hard to bend it.

Now, break the sheets at the cuts to make it more flexible. This method is preferred when you are working with a very tight radius.

As you have seen, creating curved drywall is not hard. With the right tools and techniques, you can create curved archways from drywalls with ease. Although the result may not look so appealing to you after finishing, it will be different after applying several coats of joint compound.

After having a curved drywall sheet, you can now securely fix it by driving screws through it in every one to two inches.

To achieve better and more professional results, ensure you have installed enough studs on the frame.

Let professionals take charge.

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