Selecting Interior Paint Colors For Your Oakland Home

After renovating your home and fixing all the structural flaws, the fairest thing to complete the milestone is to apply the best finishing and best paint colors. After all, this is what attracts visitors more! Blending different colors to achieve the best combination and look is the renovator’s best weapon. It gives your home a new look and a perfect impression!

However, you may be new to the game and need some tips to complete this step. Colors are used to define interiors and create focal points in featureless rooms. If you are just getting started, this may be hard to achieve. Luckily, our painting experts at the Golden State Drywall Repair can help you select interior paint colors that you will love.

Tips to selecting the best interior paint colors

1. Do some research for the best interior wall paints.

What are the trending interior wall paints? When researching the trending wall paints, you can go for the ones that also match your preference. Check what is trending online, what combinations are most preferred in the market, and then pick some options for yourself.

2. Create a color scheme that will match your furniture

After selecting your best colors from the thousands of colors available in the market, it is time to think about matching your furniture. In fact, most homeowners eliminate a couple of colors even before going to the paint store.

You can use a color theory to come up with the best color scheme for interior painting. You do not need to study the color theory to get color scheme ideas from the color wheel. By turning the wheel, you can see how colors relate to each other and how they may appear. You can use the color wheel to pick the best matching colors in the store.

3. Be consistent with your color scheme.

While it’s good to experiment with different colors, remember to stay consistent and ensure every space connects. Choose colors that best complement each other and focus on getting the best combination out of them. An excellent way to maintain consistency is by following the three-paint color rule. Limit your painting to just three colors. This strategy works perfectly in any space, without the colors feeling overwhelming or less. You can choose to work with a 6:3:2 ratio, where light, medium and dark colors are represented, respectively.

4. Use paint color apps.

Paint color apps have been evolving rapidly in our world today. So consider rechecking them if you checked them a long time ago. These apps allow you to match different color combinations to get an idea of how they may look in your home. Although they may not be exactly the same, they are not far from giving the exact match and hint.

5. Consult

You can use a color consultant to give you reliable advice on the best paints for your home. Make sure you have gathered your ideas and preferences before meeting them. It will provide them with an easier task to help you match the colors.

Need some help?

If you are still wondering how you can select interior paint colors for your house, we are here to help. Golden State Drywall Repair Pros has a team of expert painters that can help you choose the best interior paints and help you with the painting!

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