Foundation Repair

A solid foundation is the basis of life. What does this mean? It means that everything we do demands a solid foundation (relationship, education, knowledge, and even home). In this case, if a property (either residential or commercial) does not have a stable foundation, it will begin to show problems like an Uneven floor, wall crack, Tough to open or close windows and doors, and Bowing walls.

Uneven Floor

The truth is that an uneven floor does not necessarily mean that you have a problem with the floor system. However, once it begins to shift about is a sign that you have an issue with the foundation. The moment you begin to notice these changes, it is time to call a professional. Foundation problems are issues that need immediate attention because they may develop into something serious later on in the future.

Wall Crack

If you start noticing cracks on your wall or your wall is cracking, automatically know that you have a foundation problem. Often, the problem is caused by foundation settlement issues. This means that it may be shifting because of the expanded soil, and installing a wall anchor system may solve this problem.


It does not matter if the problem is unstable soil or expanded soil in the foundation: below are effective solutions that help permanently repair the structure or foundation.

1. push piers
2. foundation pier systems
3. wall anchor systems
4. helical piers

• Tough to open or close windows

If you are experiencing resistance opening or closing windows, especially where there are load-bearing exterior walls, know that you have a foundation problem. In fact, this is one of the signs used to identify foundation settlement. In some cases, it is known to cause cracks around the doors and window opening.


Although several issues can make a window or door stick, the two most common issues are related to the foundation. This can either be crawl space support or foundation settlement that has settled, deteriorated, or shifted. Other signs include diagonal cracks at the top of the corner of the window, a window opening that is not square, and much more. If you are experiencing these problems, it is time to call a professional.

Bowing Walls

A bowing wall is another sign of a problem. The good news is that we can straighten a buckling, or bowing foundation wall. The solution we offer is long-lasting, comes with a warranty, and is often installed in a day.

Identification and Repairs

A foundation wall that is bowing shows the following signs:

1. Walls that are sliding inward
2. Inward bowing walls
3. Diagonal cracking at corners
4. Expansive soil visible abound the structure
5. Wet soil around the property together with damaged walls
6. Leaning wall

The solution to this problem is installing wall anchors along the bowing walls and using the system’s clamping pressure to stabilize and restore the wall. The wall anchors are installed outside the home. The goal is to relieve pressure as we are working to straighten the wall.

Foundation Repair
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