Furniture Repair

We offer furniture repair which allows you to fall in love with them again. It does not matter if they are more traditional (they once belonged to a relative like a grandmother) or simply you have farm-house style furniture, we are in a position to help you restore them to their past glory. Restoring furniture does not necessarily mean repairing broken or falling furniture, it also means eliminating other forms of damage like scratches. It also means refreshing furniture. For example, if you have a dresser, you can choose to refresh it by coating it with paint. It also means color matching your furniture so that it can look comprehensive.

We offer home or on-site furniture repair as a convenient way to the costly method of replacing or buying new ones. We offer a wide array of services to restore and repair furniture like:

• Furniture painting – Did you know that painting wooden furniture gives it new life even if it is old? To achieve this, we begin by carefully sanding it, repairing any blemishes, applying a primer, and then painting.

• Furniture Repair & Restoration – Is your furniture broken or lost its functionality? Well, you can now return it to its original look.

• Expert Color Matching – We can help you to custom match wood cabinetry, millwork, and furnishings to an existing stain or color.

• Scratch, gouge, and dent repair – We use special techniques and products to fill in dents, scratches or gouges to restore furniture.

Preserving Vintage Elegance

Give us the opportunity to protect and restore your antique furniture. We use different kinds of finishing materials to refresh the look of the interior, including gold leaf, stains, lacquers, and more. We also offer a custom color matching solution.

Reviving Leather Furniture

We are capable of replacing foams, seat cushions, and even padding to give your existing upholstery that new and improved look. Our team of professionals will first repair, clean, and condition leather.

Motion Furniture Service

Our technicians are skilled and trained by different manufacturers so that they can offer this service the right way the first time. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that we can offer repair jobs to any patient lift chair, reclining furniture, and even adjustable beds.

Claims And Inspections

We do also offer furniture moving claims and inspections in case of an accident. With our service, we will prepare a detailed report based on our assessment.

Warranty Repair Claims

Since we work with various retail stores and manufacturers, we will ensure that your furniture repair is covered. Some of our partners include Legget & Platt, Klaussner, Palliser, Natuzzi, Flex Steel, Best Home Furnishings, and others.

The exact restoration and repair services provided by furniture repair professionals include:

• Adjustments – repairing any structural damage or broken part
• Minor damages – Repairing minor damages like stains, nicks, gouges dents, and scratches
• Disaster Furniture Restoration – Removing burned or watermarks and repairing all the damages caused by elements such as vandalism, fire, smoke, and water
• Finishing, Restoration, And Polishing – conducting minor repairs, refinishing wood to its original look. Color changing and matching are also offered.
• Upholstery repair – repairing upholstery features including leather furniture

Remember, your furniture is a huge and expensive investment especially if they are made of wood, and they are antique. One of the best ways to protect this investment is by relying on a qualified furniture repair service that can restore them to their original shine. Furthermore, they should be in a position to offer this service at a very affordable rate.

Furniture Repair
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