House Painting

Since we do care about our client’s painting project, we offer a free project cost estimation. As such, we will spend about 20 minutes asking you questions with the aim of trying to understand what you are looking for. We will listen to you and then spend another 40 minutes assessing the projects. During this time, we will try to estimate the amount of paint needed, labor, duration, and anything else that will make the project a success. The estimation we provide will be in written form. We will also try as much as possible to explain the estimated amount and answer any questions you may have. Only when you feel comfortable; we will move forward and schedule a painting date.

The moment we arrive at your property; our goal would be to take care of your home through preparation. The moment all the prep work is completed, our professional and experienced painters will begin their job.

Interior Painting

Interior house painting can make a home feel warm, comfortable, and imperial. We have the knowledge and ability to paint any interior surfaces like trims, walls, doors, and cabinets. On the other hand, we can help you with minor repairs to the drywall, plaster, and stucco. Since interior walls are the most dominant, it is paramount to know the colors that will create an atmosphere that everyone will desire. For this reason, we help our clients identify the best color option for their interior design. In some rooms, you can choose to have washable paint for easy cleaning, especially if you have children or own a pet.

Exterior Painting

It is a known fact that the weather can wear down a home. With time, the exterior part of a home will begin to fate, especially if it was painted. At Golden State, we understand this fact very well, and for this reason, ready to work with you. We also understand that paint helps solve some problems in the future, like rusting and wood rotting. This eliminates future costly expenses in repairs.

Commercial Painting

It is a known fact that commercial painting projects have different needs compared to residential painting projects. First, all aspects of the painting projects must be handled without the need for supervision. Also, you need a company that is capable of doing the painting project quickly and in a timely fashion. Furthermore, you need a company that is capable of meeting your company’s desired color scheme that goes hand in hand with the brand. At Golden State, you will be getting professionals who offer high levels of professionalism and delivery.

We handle all the prep work before painting, cleaning, and doing the actual painting. It does not matter if you need interior or exterior painting, it does not matter the size or shape of the building, we are capable of handling the job.

House Painting
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